How CPAClickz Works

It is easy to use our platform to optimize your PPC campaigns, here is how:

Video: Creating Campaigns and Geo Redirects

Video: Referer Overwrites

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#1 Most Used and Helpful Tool for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate offers such as CPA programs often only accept leads and sales from specific geographic locations. Proper geo redirection can help you reduce the number of "wasted clicks".

100% Free Trial

When you sign up for a free account, your first 100 redirects are on us - FREE. We won't ask for your credit card or require you to make a deposit. 100% Risk Free!

Here's our pricing model:

  • 100% Risk Free Trial
  • $0.001 USD per redirect.
  • Pay As You Go - No monthly fees. You can deposit as low as $5 to get started.
  • FREE redirections for repeat visitors for 30 days. (If a visitor is already redirected once, all the future redirects from the same user within 30 days will be FREE.)